Top Tips On Writing A Cover Letter

shutterstock_150806027A cover letter usually becomes your ticket to a job interview if you prepare it the right way. It works as a summary of sorts that hiring managers look into first before delving into your job resume. The cover letter can help create the type of impression that you wish to convey to hiring managers about yourself. Here are some of the more important tips that you should know about when writing a cover letter.

Do not misspell the company name or contact name.

One common mistake that people make when writing a cover letter is proofreading it properly. Although at rare times, certain grammatical errors may be forgiven, misspelling the company name on your cover letter may be the biggest spelling error you can ever make on your cover letter. The same goes when you do not spell the name of the person or hiring manager it is addressed to. People reviewing your cover letter may easily see this. It can be an injustice to your future employer by spelling their company name wrong on your cover letter. Try to proofread what you have written several times to avoid this simple but costly mistake.

Avoid exaggerated or unfounded compliments.

While you might think that it will help you heaping praises on a future employer on your cover letter, think again. Certain praises that are exaggerated and do not really paint a real picture of the company you are applying for can work against you. Heaping compliments that are not really true will sometimes tell the hiring manager that you do not know what you are talking about. It is like telling your date that she has beautiful blond hair when in fact she has black hair. The next time you try to insert praises or compliments on your cover letter, make sure that it is true and factual.

Use simple words to describe your qualifications.

Some applicants tend to impress employers by using complicated words on their cover letter especially when it comes to describing their qualifications. But sometimes, using impressive sounding words can sometimes cause more confusion than clarity. Try to be more exact and simple when you are trying to describe your qualifications on your cover letter. Try to avoid using bigger words when you can say the same thing with a simpler one.

Do not highlight skills unrelated to the job.

Another mistake that many job seekers make when preparing a cover letter is by listing all their skills and qualifications on it, even those that do not really relate to the job they are applying for. The reason why employers read the cover letter is to determine if you are the right person with the right qualifications for the job. Adding in qualifications totally useless in a job being applied for will only cause confusion in the minds of the hiring manager as to who or what you really are. So remember this tip- if a skill or qualification is not what the job looks for, try not to include it on your cover letter.

Proofread your cover letter very carefully.

This is perhaps the most overlooked tip when it comes to preparing a cover letter. Some people are just that confident with their writing skills that they pass up on reviewing what they wrote. Many things can go wrong in a cover letter that you never proofread. Aside from spelling and grammar mistakes, people can overlook updating contact information such as a phone number, address or other necessary personal information. Proofreading is not meant to be a burden. It is meant to help you come up with the best cover letter you can make. So try not to avoid doing it several times just because you find it a bit of a chore.
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